Small Update!

Woo! I am so excited about this trip. I believe if I were nervous as I am excited, I’d be sick all day. 🙂

I found out from my new supervisors that I’ll be staying in Westbank, BC, Canada. It’s a suburb of Kelowna, BC. I’ve done some looking around, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

I’ll be finding out my air travel itinerary soon.

I can’t wait to see what God has planned for me. I’ve been growing closer and closer to Him, and it’s amazing. I came to an awesome place two nights ago. I realized in my heart of hearts that He really is all that I need and all that I want. He’s a brother, friend, father, and lover of my heart and soul. What more could a girl need?

I came to this realization after small bout with the heeby-jeebies. I was frantically searching the Bible for help, and I turned to my favorite passages– Matthew 11:28-30; 25:31-46. Knowing these words were spoken by my Savior calmed my soul, and I was able to pour out my heart and let it all go (finally). The night ended with me sitting alone grinning like a girl in love. Wait, I am a girl in love. I knew if someone saw me sitting there, they’d know that someone special is tugging at my heart. They would be right.

I feel more prepared than ever to go. Perhaps that’s why I am so excited. There were ups and downs before and plans were changed. The only thing I could do was give it all to God and trust that He’ll take care of me.

Please know that I am leaving home feeling at ease. I am not scared or worried. I pray that you won’t be worried about me. Rather, I want you to rejoice with me as I embark on this amazing adventure.

Please keep praying for me, my fellow missionaries, my new supervisors (Alicia and Kevin), and the people of the Okanagan Valley.

I love you!

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