One Week!

I am so excited!!

I wanted to thank everyone who came out to my party on Saturday. I appreciate your support more than you know. I also want to thank those who could not come. I know your lives are busy, but you still support me.

I received my packing list from my supervisor. Woo- hoo! I think that’s what is making this so real and so exciting. I went to Target today with Laura May, and we did a little shopping.

Todd, Cherie, and I will be staying in the basement apartment of a family who attends The Potter’s House. They have four kids! We’ll have the privilege of getting to know them as well as our supervising family. We have plans to work with the church, travel (!!), go on camping trips, help with a ladies’ retreat, and so much more! I also found out that my reading needs will be well taken care of. 🙂

Please keep praying! Cherie and I leave on June 3rd at 925 am! Todd leaves on June 9th at 610am!


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