From far and wide, O Canada!

Hi, Everyone!

Sorry for the delay in updates; I’ve been slightly busy. My days can be long, and by the time I sit down to write an update, I am exhausted.

We’ve done a good bit of exploring and exploration. No, I haven’t gone mad– they’re two different things. Exploring is just going around looking at what Kelowna and Westbank have to offer. There’s an amazing cafe called Tim Horton’s. It’s Canadian, eh. Their coffee is sooo good. I mean it’s better/ smoother than Cracker Barrel! Yum. I’m bringing some home, so watch out!

I’ve also noticed a lot of subtle differences in cultures. For instance, gas is priced ¢ per litre. When I first saw 140.9, I was a little taken aback. 🙂 Spelling of some things is different– colour, travelling, ect.

Anyhoo— Exploration is getting to know the places and people we are “explorationing“. We go around the town and talk to people. It’s seriously that easy. The purpose is to find things out about the people and the town that there is no other way to get the information. There’s also the hope of finding people of peace who have the God given desire to start a Bible study or church in a place that desperately needs it. We prayer walk to pray over the towns. Prayer walking is an new experience for me, and it’s amazing.

We took an exploration trip to a small town called Vernon. It’s such a pretty place. It’s on Kalamalka Lake– a smaller neighboring lake to the Okanagan Lake. It’s gorgeous. It’s glacier fed, and when the sun hits it, it’s an amazing green. Not gross and slimy, but a God-said-be-green green. That was Wednesday. On Sunday, we took a trip to Kamloops. It’s cute little town about two hours away. We attended The Bridge church– a sister church to The Potter’s House.

Tomorrow, Todd and I will be doing some local evangelism. Evangelism here looks a lot different than it does at home. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Please keep praying for Canada, the Maddens, the Nortons, Todd, the Potter’s House (church and members), and of course me!

Here are some pictures: (click on the pic to see it BIG)

Me at Lake Kalamalka!

Lake Kalamalka

More Lake Kal. It’s so beautiful!

This is Westbank from the top of a mountain.

Dodgeball on the trampoline.
(L to R): Danica, Bryana, Taylor, Noah, Shayna, and Todd
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