God is truly amazing.

Thank you so much for your prayers and comments. After talking with my supervisors and with God, things got so much better. I just had one of those weird moments that if I had kept it all in, that one day would have ruined everything.

Yesterday, Kevin, Todd, and I took a road trip! There was about six hours of drive time because Canadian cities are not close. At least not in BC. We went to Merritt, Hope, and Princeton. Merritt is the country music capital of Canada. They have a HUGE country music festival every year. The town has less than 8000 people, and this three day festival brings it up to about 80,000! Todd and I stopped into the Info Center with the purpose of just having a conversation with one of the employees. (Yesterday was an exploration trip.)

We met Nancy. She was a talker, but she was passionate about Merritt. It was nice to see that kind of passion for such a small place because it could one day turn into a great passion for our Creator. I don’t think she is saved, but you could tell that with the right amount of time she could be. That was hopeful. It was funny/ sad when she was showing us the Merritt guidebook. She showed us everything Merritt had to offer through that book except for one thing: an historic church. Todd noticed, too.

I think we talked to Nancy… well, she talked to us… for nearly 20 minutes! I wanted to buy a stuffed bear dressed as a mounty. I think I will one day. Anyway, after Merritt, we drove to Hope. There was snow on the ground and on the mountains. SNOW! IN JUNE! It was weird. We were going to prayer walk, but we decided to prayer drive. We stopped for lunch at a Chinese/ Canadian restaurant. It was an interesting experience. Needless to say, I left hungry. We walked around a little because the locals call Hope the (wood) Carving Capital of Canada. We only found three. There’s a nice cafe called Blue Moose. We got some coffee, and I got a good muffin. We met Luke who showed us the way to a cool tunnel. We would have gone, but we weren’t dressed for it, and we didn’t have a flashlight.

We left Hope and headed to Princeton. Princeton consists on three blocks. It’s population is less than 3000. I stopped in a place called the Loonie Bin (dollar store) and met Dawn and Sam. I chatted with them for a little while about Princeton. After that, we headed back home to Westbank. We stopped at Dairy Queen because I was hungry. After all, a muffin can only hold you for so long.

So, a much better day!

There will be more soon!


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One Response to Hope!

  1. Linda says:

    Well then, can we say “Toot tu la Smore”.I am so glad that the bad day was only one. Zealand says “Raow, meow, mew, mew, psst, hiss, a-a-a-a-a-a, which means…Hey Yo! Where’s my person? What have you done with her? Pet me, just kiddin’, no really JUST KIDDIN…GET AWAY!!!I WANT JENNIFER!!!I Love You and I Miss You. Moobie

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