In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus.

I am so not good at this blog updating. I never dreamed I would be so tired. There’s so much that I’ve learned about my life while up here. I am amazed that God has trusted me with what he has taught me. Before I get into that, I want to let you know things I have been doing.
Today, there was a freak storm in BC. The winds reached 110 km/h around the lake. It was quite widespread– from Vancouver to the north OK (Vernon). The winds were insane; it reminded me of home. *tear* Everyone was freaking out because weather like that never happens here. Think snow in Georgia. The news coverage is the same. It was really serious, though. There was a lot of lightening, and this is prime forest fire season. After the storm, it got really cold… not like Georgia.

I had the chance to meet the team from Peachtree City who came up to help out with Kid’s Club. They’re all really great! We had a cookout this evening with everyone. It was so good!! Baked beans, hash brown casserole, butter cake… yuuum! OH! Sweet tea! I forgot to mention that Canadian sweet tea is not sweet tea. It’s powdered lemon “tea”. They don’t even sell tea bags made to brew iced tea. Insanity.

What else? For the 4th, we had a cookout. It was a lot of fun! We played all-terrain Boccie ball. I definitely think that needs to be an intramural sport at KSU. I’d join. You would, too. I’ve helped set up for Kid’s Club and watched the other interns go through the motions for all the songs. One day, we went to the beach and handed out freezies with invitations to Kid’s Club and Student Week.

As for last week…
Kevin, Todd, Noah, and I headed to Prince Rupert. We left on Saturday morning. It is nearly 900 miles to PR, so our plan was to take three days getting up there and two getting back. The first night, we stopped in a town called Quinsel (pronounced quinell). The camp site was really nice. Plenty of space and privacy and there were showers and clean washrooms. Well, it was all fun and games until the rain came. I was sleeping alright in my tent until I woke up freezing at about 3:30 am. I couldn’t figure out why I was so cold until I realized that I was soaked through to my PJ’s. Yep. Tent, sleeping bag, pillow, and PJ’s– all soaked in freezing cold rainwater. I got up, went to the washrooms and changed. I tried to dry out my shoes with the electric hand dryer, but it only worked twice before it apparently overheated. I then climbed into the car and tried to sleep, but it was cold, and I didn’t have anything with which to keep warm. I also didn’t have a pillow except for my clothes that didn’t get wet. Needless to say, I didn’t get back to sleep. So, I had some quiet time with God, and I listened to Chris Tomlin.

Everyone else woke up about 6:00 am, and we all sat in the car until about 7 when we took down the camp. The showers didn’t open up until 7:30… stupid. I was cold, and I needed a hot shower. We also had to pay for our showers. Yes, that’s right… pay. $1 for every 4 min. Blah blah blah– got shower, and we went on our way. We made our way to Smithers. We made a stop in Barnes Lake to dry everything out at a laundromat. We ate lunch in Houston, and we prayed through as many towns as we could. I’ll explain more about that later.

Then we arrived at our campsite, Glacier View. Let me tell you… better yet, let me show you God’s creation. It was amazing. The view of this glacier from our campsite was so amazing. We also went part way up the mountain to see Twin Falls– two waterfalls coming off the glacier. God really knows what He’s doing. Beauty is his specialty… without further delay… my glacier. Yes, I’ve claimed it. Waterfalls, too!

I’m holding an apple. I didn’t want to throw it out because I was certain that a bear would try to eat me or something. My logic was slightly flawed.

Anyway, there was no rain in Smithers only high winds while we were trying to set up camp. That was fun, and I’m not kidding. Mainly because the wind stopped long enough for my tent to be set up without trouble, but the guys had a really hard time getting theirs up. The sleep was better, but it was still sleeping on the ground. I stayed away from the edges of the tent just in case. I woke up sans wetness and without a pounding headache like the night before.

Then, we headed to Prince Rupert. We got there around 1pm, I think. 12:30, maybe. We got in contact with the team leader up there, and headed over to the Civic Centre to immediately be put to use helping out with the Aboriginal Edlers Conference. The four of joined the six of them and chopped every vegetable known to man until about 6:30 pm. The next day, we got to the Civic Centre at 7am and started to chop every fruit known to man. Throughout the day, we had some down time, so we all got to see some truly amazing things. We got to see the traditional garb of the different bands, and we also had the privilege of seeing their dances and songs. The best thing was meeting the team that’s up there and seeing and hearing about the amazing work they’re doing.

The next day, we left PR to come back to Kelowna. There was a change of plans; we decided to drive straight back. 16 hours. In a car. That was longest I have ever been in a car. It’s not my preferred mode of transportation for a trip that long, but I read a couple of books and the Bible. I finished the Gospel of John. If you haven’t read through it, I would recommend it. If that intimidates you like it did me, get a study guide or a study Bible that has notes. Pray that God will work through the Scriptures with you. It’s an amazing book. I never felt closer to Jesus; the author of John does an amazing job of describing the character of Jesus. My next task is to read straight through the New Testament. I am excited! I’ll admit that I’ve never read it at once.

Now, for the meat and potatoes of my post:

Title: An Advocate for Canada

(This is exactly from my journal, so somethings may be repeated.)

The more and more I am here, the more and more I learn. I am awestruck and dumbfounded with how much God is teaching me. I cannot believe he is entrusting me with this. I know what I must do, and the very least is to be an advocate for Canada.

God is even showing me why he put me in First Baptist Woodstock (FBCW). I knew it was of him that I joined the church, and now I know why. For something to be so clear is amazing.

I’m on the way to Prince Rupert, and God is speaking to me through Kevin.

As we have been traveling from Kelowna, we have stopped and prayed or driven and prayed for the various towns we’ve gone through. I prayed for God to open me eyes and heart to see what he sees, and He has. Never have I felt his presence more when we went through a town that He so desperately wants its people to know Him. I’ve been moved to tears several times.Growing up in the South, I never knew how much I had. I took for granted the resources I had/ have. I never understood the importance of See You at the Pole. I thought it was just another way to try and drag me out of bed earlier than I wanted. I went to one my entire high school career, and I didn’t even pray out loud. Even now, on a seemingly Godless campus, the Christian groups are known. The people within the groups are amazing, and what God pours out is astounding. If only, I would have opened my eyes sooner, I would have seen what I see now. Why am I telling you all of this? It’s a huge part of what God is teaching me.

Prayer is so important. Think about it. You’re talking to God. God! Your Creator, Father, Brother, Friend, and Lover. You’re talking to the One who provides you with anything and everything you need, have needed, and could ever conceive needing. The thing, I think, that a lot of people don’t understand about prayer walking being important is this: You are in a place. You’re seeing what God sees, and you are interceding on behalf of those people of that town. You’re asking God to work in that town. There is nothing God loves more than to be glorified. What better way to do than when the impossible is made possible? There is no way a man can be glorified; only God can. Prayer is more important than you can imagine. Don’t take it lightly. God is listening to you. He wants to communicate with you in the worst possible way. He wants you more than you want him. Isn’t that amazing? The God of this universe wants you. Need proof? Jesus Christ. Just like in prayer, you are interceding for a town, through his death and conquering death, Jesus interceded and is still interceding for you. The perfectly innocent Son of Man gave up his life so that you may live. Take comfort. He loves you more than you can fathom.

To single yourself out as a Christian in your school (up here), you are chancing to subject yourself to hostility. There’s a chance you’re one of very few Christians in your school and an even greater chance that you’re the only one.

I’m not writing this to make anyone feel guilty. I’m writing this to let you know that just because Canada isn’t a third world country, they desperately need Jesus. It’s harder than I could have ever imagined because there is a lot of resistance to the Gospel (and church), and it’s understandable. Just take a look at the history of the First Nations.

So, what does this all boil down to? You guessed it. Canada will always be on my radar. I love Canada, and I can’t deny or block out what God’s been doing in my life these last few weeks. I don’t know exactly what it looks like, yet. But, I have faith that God will take care of me and my family.

Please keep praying for me! Also, pray hard this week. It’s Student Week, and our main purpose is to reach out to the lost students of Westbank. Pray for wisdom for the leaders, and pray that the students will be receptive to what we are doing.

I love you!

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