I’m Home!

I got home on Saturday , July 19.

I must say that I am sick of plane rides. I prefer it, but with so many connections, I really don’t feel like flying again for a while. I’m also sick of Customs. It’s not bad, really. But, the anxiety that you may be pulled for extra question frazzles me. Whatever.

I’m home. It’s hot. I love it. I really missed everyone more than I realized. I missed brewed sweet tea at restaurants. I missed fully stocked libraries and good Chinese food. I missed getting to the next city in less than 10 minutes. I missed gardenias and magnolias.

I dread the “what did you do?” question. It’s not your fault, you want to know. I want to tell. Now that I recall my trip, it doesn’t sound like much. It was hard, and there were parts that nearly sent me home… just because I didn’t want to deal with whatever was going on. God did a lot of work in me. There were some parts that I can pinpoint that I know something I did had some kind of positive impact. It’s mainly because someone told me.

I feel sad, I think. Frustrated, definitely. Hurt, too. All I can say is that I thank God for the people He’s blessed me with at home. I am thankful for my Canadians, too. As you know, there’s nothing like home. I was out of my comfort zone and doing work that many don’t consider work. I’m not offended.

This trip changed my whole view of missions. I can’t wait to talk to others who did missions this summer. I want to know what their experiences were. I believe that this trip was a God working on me trip. Honestly, my whole view of Him has changed from Father and Creator to living, loving Dad; lover; brother; friend. I miss Him when I don’t talk to him. And I know that my struggles right now will be taken care if I’d just let them go.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers throughout my trip. Don’t worry. I’ll be keeping this blog. The title will change, but I am on mission nonetheless.

I love you!

In the matchless name of Jesus Christ,

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