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This week has been the very best of my life. I serve an amazing God. Through my faith in Him, my life will continually get better and better despite what the world throws at me. I know this life isn’t at all about me, but for some reason, God’s made it a great one.
I am so blessed to live in America. At our worst, we’re still better than most (economically). I grew up with a Bible and no fear of persecution. I am blessed with knowledge of God and the ability to share it around the world. It’s all for His glory.
Corporate worship is amazing when you are surround by unabashed worshipers. It’s amazing no matter what, but when you get the body of Christ together for the sole purpose of giving Him glory, oh man. Watching people worship is an amazing experience and a testament to the glory of God in and of itself. There are times when I wish I were taller so I could life my hands higher. It’s so cool to watch people reach for God. I love to watch them dance in His presence. I love to see their worries melt away. I love to see smiles and tears all for His glory. Whether it’s concert-like, mixed-traditional, contemporary, whatever, feeling the Spirit move through and in believers is something to behold. It’s especially amazing when those believers are children. Have you ever watched a child praise God? I mean truly praise Him? It is beautiful.
Go, now. Worship your Father.
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