There are times when my words cannot express what I am feeling or trying to say. It usually happens that way when I try to describe what I’m learning from God or when I am having some sort of me getting in the way of God moment. It’s usually when I relay something to someone else that I can fully comprehend what is going on.

Whenever I try to orchestrate something, it never ever works out. It’s when I candidly do or say something to someone else that I realize, “Man, if I would have done what I wanted to do or say what I wanted to say, I would have messed this up.” My best writing comes when I try not to force it. My greatest writing comes when I least expect it. It usually takes someone else (again) to say, “Hey, say that.” or “Wow, that’s a great a letter.” Usually, my response is ,”Really? You think?” Then when I read it over, I realize that it is actually what I’ve been trying to say all along.

God always reminds that He’s in control. He shows up in the most unexpected places. Again, usually when I am not trying to meddle in my own life. When I take the me out of it, it gets so soooo good. I urge you to not pay attention to yourself. You’ll be surprised at what God will do and how things will work out like you never expected.

Patience really is a virtue. You have to learn it. I would not recommend asking for it, but if you are really itching for a challenge, go ahead and ask God for some patience.

Here’s a chain of stuff I’ve been learning about recently…
Hope leaded to faith. Faith leads to obedience. Obedience leads to Christ- likeness. Christ- likeness leads to better and more glorification of God. Glorification leads to ultimate contentment and joy and peace. You are content when God is most glorified.

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