What is it about Sundays?

As of late, Sundays are my day of restlessness. It’s pretty annoying when I walk into my church and feel like something is pulling me down and keeping me distracted. I love my church, and I have come to realize the meaning of having a church home. I also think that the enemy has realized that I realize this, so he’s really annoying the crap out of me, but that won’t stop me from going. I’ll go and let God deal with him.

Sundays always make me think a lot. I guess it’s the day I subconsciously (or unconsciously — joke, btw) choose to unpack my week. I read a lot. Now, that may come as a huge shock to some of you, but yes, the English major reads a lot. I read a lot of everything: news, blogs, fiction, non-fiction, and the Bible. The Bible gets its own genre. I think that’s how it should be. A lot of the non-fiction that I read are things like C.S. Lewis or as of late a book on relationships. Well, relationships is too general a term. The book is When God Writes Your Love Story (WGWYLS). I know that a few posts ago (on my blogger) that I posted something on relationship advice. I am not discounting what I wrote; I want to add to it. I was feeling kind of cynical when I wrote some of the post, but I still hold true to it.

When I first read WGWYLS, I had no idea what I was reading. I thought the ideas were good but were far too lofty for anyone. Especially me. There were some things that seemed nice, but they were way out my grasp. Oh, how silly I was. I wasn’t mature enough in my walk to understand it. Or, I was too distracted by the fact that I was still single with no prospects, and this was a distraction so I could pretend to hand it over to Jesus. See, silly. As I reread this book, I have come to know more about God and what He wants for my life. If you can look past come of the cheese the book offers, there is a lot to learn. The basic principle of the book is to give this area over to Jesus, and He’ll take care of it. If you take a closer look, the authors guide you through what that process looks like and what the end result will be. It’s not a formula or a step-by-step guide. The process takes time and allowing God to work in your life and in your heart and the end result is this glorious romance with the Lover of your heart.

Alright, things are about to get grungy. What I am about to say applies as much to me as it does to you. It’s an area that no one wants to really talk about, but it should be. People should be shouting this everywhere they go. What is it? Purity. Uh-oh. Now I’ve done it. You know, this part of the book really struck me. I wish I could copy and past those chapters here, but that’s not so legal. So, I will sum up.

Purity is not just physical. It’s emotional as well. Not only do you want to be physically pure for the person you are to one day marry, you want to be emotionally pure. That cannot start the day of the wedding. It takes practice and commitment to this man or woman before you even meet him or her. Begin practicing purity right now by cherishing your future spouse with your thoughts, actions, and words. What you do now will affect your future. That seems like an obvious statement, but it’s so true. This is a summary of about two great chapters one each written by the husband and wife. The Scriptural basis for the chapter written by the wife is Proverbs 31:12. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. ALL THE DAYS.

I think this (my) generation is lacking total purity. “If we are really after ‘the beautiful side of love,’ the version of romance that would make Hollywood’s collective chin drop to the floor, then we need to pursue becoming a lover like the Great Lover Himself! We need to seek to reflect the goodness of our great God. He was not only a Lover who laid down His life for His Bride and kept Himself spotlessly pure in heart, mind, and body; He was also a Lover who was wholly faithful. In other words, Jesus knew how to blend His love and purity with patience. He Knew how to be single with a purpose, in a way that would honor and cherish His future Bride” (Ludy 127).

I cried when I read that. Even if it is not God’s will for you (or me) to be married, nothing you do in guarding our hearts, thoughts, and cherishing our future spouse will be wasted. This all is an investment in your glorious future for the day when you will become the Bride of Christ. Start living this way now. It’s not too late. Despite the past, God wash you white as snow.

I pray that purity and faithfulness become a habit for me and for you. It takes practice and hard work, but it will be worth it in the end. Ask God what you can do to love Him more and more. He will let you know in His gentle way.  

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