Celebrating, what 22? 3? Ah, 4… 24 years of life.

Here are some things that have made this the best birthday ever:

1. Getting ‘Happy Birthday’ sung to me in a Mexican restaurant after being scared from having a balloon (purposefully) popped behind me.
2. Decorating my church for Christmas.
3. Getting (nearly) dragged  in front of everyone at Fusion and being, uhm, serenaded by Lauren and Cory.
4. All the great birthday wishes and hugs!
5. My friends allowing me graces for bad grammar and acting like an idiot.
6. Getting talked about in Neace’s sermon.
7. A cake with my name spelled something like Jefer. Really??
8. My friends making me smile by telling me about my perfect birthday present. It’s OK that you couldn’t get it. It’s the thought…thoughts… heehee.
9. Hearing one of my favorite sermons again.
10. Allowing God to really show me how great He is by getting me unstuck and Him continually allowing me to praise Him.
11. God improving my life one step at a time by giving me great (awesomely great) friends, family, a special special promise that He know would only result in the glorification of Him, the chance to work for Him in Germany for nearly half a year, and a new home in Him through my church.

Here are some of my favorite quotes of the day:
Me: I’m going out for birthday dinner with friends.
Dad: Who’s birthday?
Me: Uh, mine.
**note: He even called in the morning to wish me Happy Birthday.**

Meredith: Just make sure you don’t get electrocuted!
Me: I can see it now; I’m going to hop in there, fall over, all the lights will bust. Glass will be embedded in my skin, and he’ll have to take me to the Emergency Room.
Steph: Well, at least you’ll wake up with him hovering over you.
Me: Yeah, he’ll see that I’m awake and leave saying, “Bye, Crazy!”
Meredith: *nodding in agreement* Pretty much.

Stephanie: I scrapped off the name because she misspelled it.
Me: How??
Steph: Yeah, she left off the n’s and the i. Jefer.
Me: Oh, that’s going to be my new name.
Steph: Yeah, she even misspelled it as I was spelling it to her.

Lauren: Here come the Mexicans! [later] These plastic spoons are useless! 

Michael: Seh-cure-it-tee! She don’t have a button!

Thanks to everyone for making my life great! Thank you, God, for blessing me with life and showing me how to celebrate your Son!!


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