A Team, A Waterfall, and An Alpine Slide

I learned a lot this week. It was nearly information overload, and I hope I can remember most of it. All of it would be nice, but I don’t think that’s possible. There’s a possibility that a little bit of my brain leaked out from so much information.

What was this week? It was a week long team building workshop in the middle of nowhere, Germany. It was only about an hour and a half from Dresden, but it’s still the middle of nowhere. The city is Zschorlau, and it’s a quaint little town in the foothills of, well, some hills.

Throughout the week, we learned about ourselves, why we react the way we do to certain situations, what our needs are as individuals and as we work in teams, and other things to that effect.

What did I learn? Well, I learned that music and literary things are great needs of mine. You may have though, well, duh. BUT! The way I tested, with 99 being the highest need for something, music and literary things were a 99 for me. I also learned that when your needs are not met in whatever situation, you go into stress mode. That would explain all the posts about worship and why I miss it so much or any e-mail that I’ve sent out that may have slightly led you to believe I’m insane. I know that music plays a huge role in my life, but I never realized that not having it the way I need causes me stress. A lot of things clicked this weekend personally and corporately with the team. There’s really too much to explain, but if you would like to know more, just e-mail me.

While we were in Zschorlau, we found a beautiful waterfall–
We also found an Alpine Slide. You control your own speed. I went down twice. The first time was a test, so I went not as fast, but I found out that the car wouldn’t fly off the track. So, I went full speed the second time. 🙂
And coming down!


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One Response to A Team, A Waterfall, and An Alpine Slide

  1. Kelli Williams says:

    That slide looks like SO much fun!! And the waterfall is beautiful 🙂

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