Conversations, Music, and SUN!

The following Monday, we met up with one of our conversation partners at an Indian restaurant in the heart of Neustadt. I knew it was there, but I didn’t realize what it was. (If that makes any sense…) The food was good, and the coffee was probably some of the best I’ve had. Tuesday was the greatest day up to this point. Why? Three words– Sunshine. Blue sky. That’s right, folks! They exist in Germany! We never thought we’d see the day where we could walk around this grand city of ours out of the confines of a big puffy jacket, scarf, gloves, and hat. Needless to say, we all went a little picture crazy. Here’s the proof:

Wednesday was the usual German lessons with our 86 year old tutor. Then, we all met Jason at the University to see if we could get a foot in at the Auslander (foreigners aka international) Student office. That was a big mess of confusion because they were helping the internationals register for classes, and we couldn’t meet anyone who could help. We decided that we would try again after we returned from our team building conference (more about that in the next blog). We walked around the campus and found several places to hang up fliers advertising our English practice service. (Exciting!! We got three calls last Sunday!!!)

On Thursday, we were slated to go over to the J-girl’s place for a Bible study with one of her friends from her language class. I don’t remember if I mentioned him before, but he’s from France, and he’s an Atheist. He likes to discuss religion with everyone because he sees it as a learning process. We’ve met him once and we talked about a lot. I pray that all we said was of the Spirit and not of us. Before we went, Day and I went to Hauptstrasse (Main Street) to look around in the shops. We can see Hauptstrasse from our window. We didn’t have that long to look because we had to be at the J-girl’s apartment. Unfortunately, French Guy called and said he wasn’t feeling well. So, it was decided that we would go to the park to do the Bible study. It was another gorgeous albeit windy day.

The following Friday was quite eventful, but it was not in the usual way. This Friday would be the second we missed going out on the street. The previous Friday was just a bad day to go out because we had walked around Neustadt in the rain, and we felt drained spiritually and physically. Our hearts were not in the right place to have gone out. However, we attended Jugend at the church. Jugend is German for youth. They have their youth nights every Friday, and this particular Friday was designated American Night.

We were asked a week prior if we could prepare something about which to speak. They wanted to know why we’re here (how we got here), what we’ve learned, and what God has shown us through the Word. The pastor’s daughter also asked us what our favorite worship songs are. She said that they know a lot of popular songs from Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Delirious?, and the like. I asked her if they’d ever heard of Steve Fee. They have not, sadly. But, she did ask me the names of two of his songs (two of my favorites)– “Beautiful the Blood” and “Glorious One”. She said one of the guys could find the song and learn it for us. I didn’t get my hopes up for those songs because I knew either way, we’d get to sing some songs we knew and sing them in English!

We got there on Friday, and the pastor’s daughter, Annie, introduced us to the guy she mentioned a week ago. His name is “C”, and he presented us with this:

He found the the videos of Steve Fee performing these songs on YouTube, and he wrote… WROTE… the music from that. All he had were the lyrics and the guitar chords. My heart was beyond touched. That evening, they learned these two songs, and we sang a lot of other songs. We had a chance to share our testimonies and played games with the youth. It was a lot of fun.

God really knows what He’s doing. He is even working when your electricity goes out for two days. 🙂

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