Travels and Prayer

Sorry for the lack of regular updates. I couldn’t really think of anything to write, and then I realized that you may want to hear about all the traveling I’ve been doing.

Remember the story of Sandra? We’ve been keeping up with her, and we’re praying for her. She came to one of our Bible studies last night, and we hope that she could take something away from that. A few weeks ago, we went to Leipzig with her. Here are the pictures from that. Leipzig.

Day, Jessica, and I went to Görlitz and Zgorzelec one weekend while Sarah was visiting a friend in Frankfurt. Görlitz and Zgorzelec are called the Twin Cities. Görlitz lies in Germany and Zgorzelec is in Poland. Here are some pictures. Görlitz and Zgorzelec

May 9th was Day’s birthday! For her birthday, we went back to Berlin. It was great because we got to see some things we didn’t have the chance to see before. The four of us went on our own, and it was fun to try and navigate. Here’s a link to those pictures: Berlin Again

Then, we went to Hamburg for four days to visit a friend and his supervisors. It was a great city, but there was a lot of need for Jesus. Hamburg is situated on the beginning parts of the Elbe (which also runs through Dresden). Here are pictures of the great city of Hamburg.

When we got back from Hamburg, we went to Prague for a day! I think Prague is my favorite place so far. It’s such a beautiful city. I really want to go back one day for more than a day. Here are the pictures. Prague: Czech it out!

The countdown to home is in the twenties. As some of you know, it’s been a great but hard adventure. Please pray that these last few weeks are for the glory of God.

Also, pray for our language tutor, Ingeborg. She had a stroke last Friday. We went to see her on Sunday and on Wednesday. She’s made tremendous progress, but she doesn’t have the use of her right hand. She’s 86 years old, but she was highly mobile. She was learning how to play the piano, and I hope that she is completely healed. She recognized us, and remembered that we were taking lessons from her, but she doesn’t really remember her English.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. See most of you soon!!


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