Speaking Out

I am sitting here wondering what to write. Anger is making me shake a little. I’ve just deleted a heated post deciding that it wasn’t the best thing to write.

God sets his children apart. He sets us apart to do different things for the same purpose. Though His children may be in the same place, He may call them to do different things. He may call them to different people. He will call them to do what He knows will bring Him the most glory. He knows us so well that He won’t put us somewhere where we’d be useless.

Despite the feelings of uselessness I’ve encountered so far on this trip, I know that God is in control. I know that He knows what He is doing. I also know that I have to say no to some things and yes to others. It may not jive with what others view as right, but who are you to question God?

I am thankful for the opportunities to meet people. I am thankful that He sent us over here to minister to different types of people. He used our strengths in different places. He ripped the old us out of the picture. He is growing us and teaching us, and guess what, it looks different for all of us.

In all honesty, there are pieces of me I unwillingly left in America. Sometimes I feel like they’re fading away as they’re replaced with more righteous characteristics. Others, I don’t want to fade. There are some pieces of myself I wish to leave in Germany and let them fade away. God’s stretched me further than I thought was possible, and sometimes I felt so weak that Satan took that opportunity to jump right in and poke and prod me to new levels of annoyance and anger.

With all that said, there are things I may do or say that may go against what you see as right. Know this, God is my guide. His ways are perfect.

***17 DAYS***
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One Response to Speaking Out

  1. linda30168 says:

    I’m glad you stood up for your self. Sorry you had the negativity, but you are strong…and a True Child Of God. He is working through you…in HIS way.

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