Can you help?

I don’t like asking for help. I accidentally published this before I finished. I back-dated it a year so it wouldn’t appear on the top of my blog.

My dad keeps suggesting that I do this, and I think I am a little crazy with worry about how to make ends meet. I just took on a car payment that I really could not get around.

I don’t want to trick anyone or make anyone think that this money will buy fancy purses or expensive coffee. It’s just a small plea for some help this season. If you can or know of anyone who is willing to help, please send them my way.

This isn’t my style, and I am embarrassed just thinking that people will read this. I am embarrassed because there are other people out there WAY less fortunate than I. Give your money to them if you’re getting a good laugh from this. I’m dead serious.

Underneath it all, I do know that God is sovereign. He is Provider. One way or another, things will be OK.

If you will, please click the donate button and give what you can.

My most humble thanks.

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