This Just In!

Hello, Reader.

I’m back with another exclusive interview with the author of this blog. There’s breaking news.

Greater Things (GT): So, self. What’s going on with the Facebook deal?
Jennifer (JC): I’m giving it up.
GT: Why??
JC: It’s become a hindrance in my life. Facebook is not bad in and of itself, but (ashamedly) I admit that I have been relying too heavily upon it.
GT: How long will you be off?
JC: I don’t know. It may be forever. Who knows?
GT: Care to explain a little more?
JC: There are a lot of little reasons, but there are two main ones. First, whenever I hear that someone is not on Facebook, I feel a little jealousy. I want to not be so tied down it like them. Second, I am on it way too much. Instead of communing with God, I am checking up on people. I see things, get curious, and explore. A lot of the hurt I’ve caused my heart comes from assuming too much from one-sided wall conversations. It comes from a lack of trust in God. That may seem silly, but seeing some things on there make me question things I should just leave up to God.
GT: How will you keep up to date with things?
JC: Well, there’s this silly thing called e-mail. There are theses contraptions called cell phones, and this new-fangled blog thingy. People survive without Facebook, and once upon a time, I did, too.
GT: Very good. Any last words?
JC: Haha, funny. I’m not doing this to be holier than thou or to judge anyone. It’s a personal decision between God and me. He’s been working on me for a long time to give it up. Let me tell you that I am already trying to make small concessions about it. It’s ridiculous what the flesh will fight against.

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2 Responses to This Just In!

  1. Pepper says:

    WOW Jennifer! I applaud you for following your convinctions! Good for you girl! I have to admit that I will miss catching up with you on FB, BUT I have added your blog to my Favs and will come out here periodically to see what you're up to. I've also saved your email address; hopefully you won't mind if I drop you a line every now & then.

  2. jennifer says:

    Of course I don't mind, Pepper! Thank you for your support.

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