Too much of my time is spent trying to talk myself out of feeling worthless. In the world today, it’s pretty easy to feel or be made to feel worthless. Look at the cover of a magazine. Listen to people chat about so and so graduating and that person can finally begin life.

Sometimes, I find myself doing things to make myself have more worth to the world. I make excuses about school when the stark reality of it all that I cannot afford to go back. God has me at the point for a reason.

I am working on losing weight in a healthy way, and it’s hard. My main objective to go honor God in making this temple more fit for Him. I find the world creeping in telling me to lose the weight because no one could ever love you in this state. I also find jealousy croping up when people talk about how this person would be perfect for that person.

Where is worth? In the Christ who lives in me. Without Him, nothing I can do to myself to make myself more valuable to this world matters. Without Him, I am an object of wrath, and that’s not beauty.

Let’s celebrate the beauty within us all. Let us honor and obey our Christ by doing as He commanded, and the question of our worth won’t matter anymore. All that will matter is that we’re making disciples of all nations to the glory of God.

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2 Responses to Worth

  1. Laura says:

    Love it Jennifer. Very poignant.

  2. Day says:

    glad to have you back blogging more often. i've missed reading your posts!

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