Truckers, Mail Carriers, and Blessings

It’s amazing what happens when you take the risk and obey God. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I used to frequently ignore those little tugs on my heart to step outside the norm and obey God.

Recently, it seems as if God has been granting m the opportunity to obey Him in some pretty cool ways. Out of the abundance (as compared to the rest of the world) God has blessed me with, I’ve been giving to people. In all honesty and humilty, I don’t have much to give when compared to other Americans. And in that same honesty, pride and entitlement take over and tell me to keep what little I have and spend it on things as I see fit. Silly me.

Thankfully, I swallowed my pride and listened to God. Please don’t take this post and these stories as bragging. Believe me, it was God who did it.

A couple of months ago, I took my mom to her pain management doctor for an outpatient procedure. You have to pay your co-pay upfront or you won’t be seen. The gentleman in front of us was trying to get the girl behind the counter to let him have his procedure done without the copayment. His company was late on paying him, and he would have the money next week. It was only $13. Surely, he begged, she could have mercy on him.

My heart was pained as this man’s plight because he needed he same procedure as my mom. I knew how much it helps her do simple things like walk wihout pain. Before I knew it, I told the girl at the desk that I would pay. She gave me a quizzical and almost condemning look. It was as if she were saying, “You’ll never see this man or your money again.” I knew this and didn’t care. I knew what it was like to not get paid on time. I knew what is was like to see a loved one in pain.

So, I paid the money. Pastor Johnny always says you’ll never miss what you give away. It’s true. Though I still have trouble getting paid, God has always provided right when I need it.

Fast forward to December 23rd. I had finally gotten paid for the first two week of December, and it was as if God instantly placed a need on my heart. I chuckled a little because I had needs, too, ya know.

I knew what I had to do. Once I decided (was given the grace) to obey, I got really excited. I went to Kroger and purchased two gift cards to give to my mail carrier. I called the post office an got her name so that the card wouldn’t be impersonal. After all, she is a great mail carrier , and she’s quite patient. I got home, and wrote her a card. I wrote that these cards can both be used for her and her family; she can keep one and give one; or she could give both. I told her I was praying for her protection this Christmas season. (Really, who is more vulnerable than delivery people at Christmas?) I put them in the mailbox on my to work on Christmas Eve. My dad saw me and asked what I was doing. He seemed touched.

I anxiously awaited to her from Miss Carol abou she did with the cards. Of course, I would have been fine without a letter. I just really wanted to see how God worked in this situation. I got a card yesterday (Dec 28).

She wrote that she was so touched and that I reminded her what Christmas is really about. Not only did she bless two family with the gift cards I gave her, she added two more and gave those to two more families!! How amazing is that???

We come to today. I haven’t been feeling 100%, and frankly, I was grumpy at the idea of coming to work. I got to work and was moving some heavy tiles around when this trucker appeared on my side of the warehouse. We get a lot of truckers in and out of here, but most of them mind their own business and don’t talk to me. I asked him if I could help and pointed him to the office where the warehouse guys were. He said he’d wait out here for them. He noticed all the thousand of samples I was working with, and we starte talking about them. I told him that business has picked up. We got on a short stint about the economy, and I told him that I hope it stays “picking up” so that I could get back to school. He asked me what I was studying, and I told him. For whatever reason, I tol him that I’d like to go into ministry full-time once I graduated.

To my great relief, he wanted to know a little more. So, we started chatting about college ministry and the Campus Church. He was telling me about his family in ministry in South Georgia. He also mentioned that he’d like to know more about the Bible and that college students need to know more, too.

Our conversation ended, and I said something dorky in response to him wanting to know more abou the Bible. No sooner had he left my presence that God placed on my heart to give him one of my Bibles. I knew exactly which one. Thankfully, I still had all my Bibles in my car from my Sunday School class. Actually, I wasn’t 100 per cent sure that the one I was thinking of was in there. I hesitated for a moment wondering if it was really God. I almost didn’t go to my car, but I felt a quickening of my heart. I ran out to my car, and there is was. My NIV Student Bible. It was the one I got when I graduate high school.

I went back inside and didn’t know what to do. He was sitting in his truck doing some paperwork while the other loaded his truck. I stood at the door for a moment, sallowed my fear, and walked down to his truck. I knocked on his door, and he opened it and turned off his truck so I wouldn’t have to yell.

I asked him if he had a Bible to read. He said yes, he had the Saint James or whatever it’s called. I asked him if if had notes in it, and he said that it did not. I asked him if he would like a Bible with notes and that was easier to read. He smiled and he would like that very much. So, I presented him the Bible I had. I told him that it had all kinds of study aids, and that it was mine when I was a student. But, it didn’t have any markings in it. (That was before I thought it was OK to write in a Bible.) He was so thrilled that he said he would start reading it once he finished his paperwork. Thrilled, I told him to have a Happy New Year and went back inside.

Joy filled my heart. I wonder what God will do with him. With all those people who got gift cards. Whatever happens, to God be the glory. Don’t miss and opportunity to obey God and bless others. It’s joy unspeakable.

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2 Responses to Truckers, Mail Carriers, and Blessings

  1. Katelyn says:

    you are a blessing! i love reading your blog! hope you are doing well!

  2. Erica J. says:

    Good job letting him take the lead, Jen. I'm inspired :o) You're generosity doesn't go unnoticed, nor does your obedience. Keep up the good work, sis.Also, lemme know what happened with the church opportunity.

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