Fill in the Blanks: Valentine’s Day edition

I was going to do a special Valentine’s Day themed post, but I changed my mind. So, I’ll just say some things about it. (I’ll also make it all pretty and red and pink. You’re welcome.)

I really like the candy that comes about around this holiday.
I like the color scheme.
I don’t like it that people feel pressured to remember a specific day to buy gifts people don’t really need. I know this doesn’t apply to all people, but love is the reason we’re alive. Celebrate it everyday. Single. Married. Whatever your marital status, celebrate love everyday. Celebrate Biblical love– 1 Cor 13 kind of love.

Now, I stole this from two of my teammates from Dresden. Thanks Sarah and Day!

Finish these sentences…

My ex is… someone I learned a lot from, and he doesn’t even know it.
I love… God.
People would say that I am…I don’t know. What would you say?
I don’t understand… why God loves a complete wretch like me.
When I wake up in the morning… I wonder how much longer I can sleep without being late to work. I need to change that.

I have lost… a lot of my old ways since Germany, and I am grateful to God for sending me to Germany.
Life is full of… blessings, mercies, and lessons.
My past has taught me… to lean heavily on God.
I get annoyed… when children of God don’t see other people as children of God.
Parties are… something I tend to avoid.

Dogs… are insanely loyal.
Cats… are my favorite animals.
Tomorrow is… Saturday.
I have a low tolerance for… myself when I get angry.
If I had a million dollars… I’d give half to the church and use the other half to pay off loans and other things my family needs.
I am terrified… of clowns and the dentist.
I’ve come to realize that my last kiss… doesn’t exist because I’ve never been kissed. No first, so no last.
I am listening to… the television.
I talk… too much. Seriously. I need to be quick to listen more.
My friends… are an insane blessing from God.

My first real kiss… will be from my husband.
Love is… the only thing that will remain in the end.
Marriage is… the end result for ALL believers in Christ (Bride of Christ). It’s beautiful and exciting.
Somewhere, someone is thinking… Well, obviously.
I’ll always… feel out-of-place until I see God’s face.
The last time I really cried… was for Haiti.

My cell phone is… fine the way it is.
Before I go to bed… I usually read and/ or mess with the cat.
Right now I am thinking about… this survey.
Babies… are beautiful nightmares, according to Matt Chandler.
Today I… watched the snow.
I really want to…graduate.

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