The Seasons in Georgia

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Spring has sprung! (Even if only for a couple of days.) The things I love and hate about Georgia are fall and spring. They’re my two most favorite season, but they are the shortest.

Georgia springs are refreshing and a burst of glorious green. Except cherry blossom trees. Beautiful. Pink. Allergic. While the beautiful colors last through summer, the refreshing and crisp days are around for a blip of time in the year. It sometimes feels as short as two weeks.

Georgia summer are hot and humid and better spent in the shade, in the water, or in front of an air-conditioner. These days tend to lounge and take their time. I generally start feeling like I’m hanging out in a hot wet blanket around the end of April all the way through November. Sometimes December… or January. Yeah.

Georgia autumns, though technically from mid-September to mid-December, tend to appear in crispness in November and can last as long as the elusive Georgia spring. The colors are a fantastical display of God’s creativity. Sometimes, when the sun hits the trees just right, everything looks like it’s on fire. I try not to think that everything is in the process of dying because that’s weird. I like to think that everything is on stage, giving it’s all during the encore and preparing next spring. Overly dramatic? Possibly.

Georgia winters. Ah, winter. Winter is the most elusive of them all. What is winter, really? For Georgians, it can be 80 degrees in December or it can be 11 degrees with a wind chill of “I think I just froze solid”. Everything looks like winter (minus the snow, usually), but it doesn’t feel like it. Soon enough, though, spring will make her appearance. She’ll grace us for a couple of weeks or maybe even a couple of months. Georgia will become green again, and then summer will pounce upon us like a mean, grumpy lion. Will he relent? Maybe. Maybe not.

All in all, I think Georgia, at least NW Georgia, exists in two seasons. Warm and hot with a heaping side of humidity. Occasionally, the weather will relent, the humidity will dissipate, and we’ll get the refreshing day… or the bitterly cold, freak snow day.

My advice if you want to visit Georgia is as follows. Dress in layers. Always keep a coat handy. Always keep an umbrella handy. Take advantage of the crisp days, and find a swimming pool the days you could turn crispy. Don’t judge us for turning inside out when snow is mentioned. Snow is something we rarely see, and we aren’t equipped for snow. It’s all part of Southern Charm right along with getting ma’am’d if anyone even thinks they’re a second younger than you.

Enjoy the weather today. Thank You God for this day!


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