Time to Pray

I cannot think of what to write, so I will post some things you can pray for.

In no particular order:

1. My friend, Erica. She’s in Paraguay with the Peace Corps. She just got her assigned city. She’ll be there for 27 months from this past February. She’s going to be teaching. Pray for comfort and wisdom. Pray that she clings to God and though this isn’t an official mission trip, pray that she is able to somehow proclaim thr Gospel.

2. The Woodstock HS ministry. They have two teams. One in Ecuador and one in Honduras. They’re there instead of doing something else for Spring Break. Pray those in their goest countries who are not saved, and pray for those from Woodstock who are not saved. Pray God draws them to Him. Also, pray for our brothers and sisters. Pray for clarity, wisdom, leadership, and love.

3. For all my friends who are engaged to be married. There are so many, I am likely to miss some. Meredith and Nick. David and Amanda. Dallas and Amanda. Rachel and Tim. Kelli and Scott. Adam and Laura. Katherine and Travis. Laura May (my baby sister!) and Eric. Katelyn and Daniel.

4. For me. That I learn to listen to God more and more each day.

5. Church planters. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

6. The Persecuted Church

7. Healing for my mom’s back and shoulder. Healing for my sister. Guidance for both.

8. For God to move within my family.

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