A Challenge for May

Hello, Reader!

I want to challenge myself to a challenge for May. I want to do a post a day because I have been consistently awful at keeping this blog up to date. I found several pages on prompts, and I really like that. So, each day in May, I will post a new post with the prompt at the top of the post. I have no idea how this will turn out, but I want to honor you for being a faithful or new reader. Or an unfaithful old reader. I’d love to read your responses to the prompts, so feel free to comment.

In other news, when you pray, please remember:

My friend, Erica. She’s in the Peace Corps in Paraguay.
Dresden, Germany
Kelowna, BC
Bay St. Louis, MS
Miami, FL
(The above cities are places where I have served, and they hold my heart. Pray that God’s good and perfect will is done in these places. Pray for laborers for the field.)
Campus Church at KSU
God does an amazing work @ KSU
Me because I just started back to school after a year off, and I’m a little nervous.

Much love,


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