Easy as ABC?

Create a 26-line rhyming poem. Start the first with A, and go in alphabetical order.
**I went to a rhyming dictionary, and I chose to rhyme each line with write. I then chose 26 of those words/ phrases at random, and I’m making the poem fit. We’ll see how this goes!

A cat decided to write
she didn’t want to fight.
don’t write!” a dog said with a bite.
you know it’d be a sight?”
so!” the cat said with might.
shine like the light.
gently into that good night!
That won’t work,” said the cat with no delight.
know! I’ll write of a day of snowy white.
gotta find my pen, and it will be alright.
can write!” she said with a smile bright.
make it flow like Twelfth Night.
main character will be named Traffic Light.
That’s dumb. Oh, who shall I invite
to help with my plight?
that dog to be polite?
the chance to ignite
storytelling. Who will that excite?
I’m sure. I’ll ask him tonight.”
the dog will go carrying some spite
that cat serves some Sprite.
well. Sprite it is. Can you help me get it down from this height?”
of course,” said the dog. “I liken myself to a knight!
marks the spot. There’s the Sprite! Why is this crawlspace so tight?”
ou’re a doof,” the cat said outright.
my name. And this poem desperately needs a rewrite.”

Wow. That was harder than I thought it would be.

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