Seinfeld: A Post about Nothing

This post a day is harder than I thought.

Here are some thoughts I had today:

  • Why are you really working out?
  • Wow. House is really sad.
  • How can I get back into the Bible?
  • The Briar Patch in Dallas is really good! Why haven’t I tried it before now?
  • I just drank Kahlua flavored coffee with Bailey’s flavored creamer. Ha!
  • I can’t wait until I start taking classes I’m interested in.

Sorry. This is all I have today. Tomorrow, I’ll post a post about some observations I’ve had involving the Holy Spirit. I think it’s pretty cool and weird how some things have come together.

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2 Responses to Seinfeld: A Post about Nothing

  1. Moo says:

    You can get back in to the Bible much like Joey got in to the map of London.

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