Into the mouths of babes…

My mom just suggested a story for my blog. I thought I would turn it into a list because we all love lists.

Things you can do as a kid that are cute but turn dumb or annoying if you do them as an adult.
**I may or may not have actually done some of these as a child.**

  • Eat sidewalk chalk (the purple one) because it looks like candy.
  • Sing because you think you sound good.
  • Use bad grammar.
  • Watch TV shows that are geared towards kids.
  • Have your picture taken when you are naked in the bathtub.
  • Fix your mom a banana, cheese, and bologna sandwich with marshmallows on top and serve it at 3am.
  • Ask your mom in public when she’s going to stop doing drugs because in school they taught you caffeine is a drug.
  • As a joke, fill your sister’s rinse cup with liquid soap. (This was done TO me, but my sis was caught before I rinsed, lathered, and repeated.)
  • An innocent outing. For example, you see that your mother is having trouble buckling her seat belt. When she says, “Why won’t this seat belt buckle?!”, you say, “I don’t know, but I didn’t put a penny in it.”
  • Being the little entrepreneur. For example, my little sister used to sell sugar packets to the neighborhood kids for 5 cents each. She would also charge them 25 cents to spell their names “correctly”. No refunds.

What kinds of stories do you have?

Much love,

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