The Vent

Continuing with things that annoy me, here are a list of my pet peeves.

  • See previous post
  • Bad grammar
  • Saying a word incorrectly (unless you’re Joey from Friends)
  • Calling a holiday something other than what it is. Turkey Day, Mom’s or Dad’s Day, Merry X-Mas, Bunny Day
  • Creating verbs from nouns at random. “We’re going to go antiquing.” “Let’s go shuffle boarding.”
  • People asking me if I am alright simply because I’m not smiling, talking, or overly emoting.
  • People volunteering me for work I would have done in the first place. (Helping clean after a family dinner)
  • People assuming that because I am not currently employed that I have all day to clean and cook.
  • When people at a store do not acknowledge your existence when you have stood at the counter for a while.
  • When people ride my tail when I am going the speed limit or slightly over.

What are your pet peeves? Please, vent them out.

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One Response to The Vent

  1. Moo says:

    Some of my pet peeves are…

    When someone who is a size ZERO says how FAT they are.

    When someone tells me…You have such a pretty face. (Meaning I am NOT a size zero)

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